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Wednesday, 5/22/2019
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CL Panther

 Center Line High School

Learning For All!

26300 Arsenal, Center Line, MI  48015
Phone: 586-510-2100  Fax: 586-510-2119
Attendance: 586-510-2107 (Mrs. Webb)
Transportation: 586-510-2090

 Center Line Public Schools Bond Letter

CLHS Calendar

CLHS Annual Education Report & Cover Letter


SAT Students can access pre-tests, practice questions and computer-aided instruction at any time and free of charge provided by Khan Academy.  Just visit: www.khanacademy.org/sat to set up an account. When given a choice, choose the new SAT format for March 2016. Take the 4 diagnostic quizzes to allow the site to personalize practice for any weak areas.Try to set aside 30 minutes a day to work on your personal practice sessions. Coming in September, the site will also allow a student to take a practice SAT test.

Community Service Community service provides students with opportunities for college and careers. It enhances physical and mental well being and gives back to our community. In order to participate in the graduation commencement exercises, each student must serve the hours listed per grade level. The community service logs must be  turned in within one month of the service. Since this will go into effect in the fall of 2015, the requirements for each grade level are listed below:

*Seniors working towards 40 or more hours to get a community service cord at graduation the logs are due by Friday, April 21, 2017.
*Seniors, your 10 hours of community service are due by Monday, May 22, 2017. Return to the media center.

Class of 2017 = 10 Hours
Class of 2018 = 15 Hours
Class of 2019 = 20 Hours
Class of 2020 = 20 Hours

Community Service logs are available  here, and in the Media Center. Please return them to the Media Center. Community Service information and opportunities are available in the Media Center and front lobby.


Ms. Andrea Szabo (szaboa@clps.org) - Principal 

Ms. Klaressa Howery (howeryk@clps.org) - Assistant Principal

Mr. Michael Harvey (harveym@clps.org) - Student Relations Director 

Mr. Rich Ohngren (ohngrenr@clps.org) - Athletic Director



           Mrs. Angela Gouda:  10-12th Grade / Health & Human Services Academy
Mrs. Crissy Karaszewski: 10-12th Grade / Industry, Technology & Innovation Academy
Mr. Rich Varney:  9th Grade / CTE Students


Mrs. Grace Lewis - Secretary to Principal
   Mrs. Mary Droste  - Secretary to Assistant Principal
 Mrs. Cozette Slupinski - Secretary to Athletic Director and Student Relations Director
Mrs. Melissa Thorsby - Secretary to Counselors 

Mission Statement

"Learning For All"

Attendance Procedures

School starts at 7:30 A.M. All students should be in the classroom when the bell rings each class period. Parents, please call your child in within twenty-four hours when absent. The attendance number is (586) 510-2107.




Student IDs

Students receive their initial ID.
If you lose, misplace, or forget your ID, students pay $5 for each additional ID.
Students may call home and have someone bring your ID or pay $5 for a replacement.
No IOUs will be given out.