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Wednesday, 5/22/2019
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Dear Parents,
         It looks like spring weather has finally arrived. That reality brings a lot of excitement with it as we anticipate the new opportunities ahead to be outside and engage in all those fun activities we love to do in spring and summer. Likewise, this last stretch of the year brings some excitement as students are engaging in activities that allow them a chance to demonstrate their learning in a manner they have not had the chance to do this year.
         Students will be taking the state assessments in the next few weeks. The fifth grade starts this week, then third and fourth grades follow right behind. These tests are used to monitor student growth over time, predominantly from year to year, which is different from the NWEA assessment that we use to monitor growth throughout the year and adjust instruction according to identified student needs.
Students will also begin preparing for culminating events that demonstrate learning throughout the year. Field trips are planned to wrap up year long concepts. All this while new concepts are being taught and students are working to master or improve their skills.
        Yes, spring is a busy time. Busy learning, problem solving, accepting challenges, planning, and performing. Please help us make sure your child is able to be involved in all by having them in school everyday and on time! This will set the stage for a positive and productive time in school while still enjoying all that spring has to offer outside of school.
         Thank you for your anticipated support.
         Janis Byrn


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