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Wednesday, 5/22/2019
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Collaborative LeadershipWhat is Collaborative Leadership?

Collaborative Leadership is the processes, activities, and relationships in which stakeholders in Center Line Public Schools exchange information, share ideas, and pool our collective resources for mutual benefit to better serve our students.

Why is Collaborative Leadership Important?

Most issues that public schools wrestle with are complex, interdependent, and affect many stakeholders. To properly address these issues requires a systematic approach with diverse input and multiple perspectives. By including all stakeholders, Center Line Public Schools will gain a better assessment of the environment, more clearly define the issues affecting our schools and potential solutions, create a more trusting working environment while sharing the decision making process, and developing leaders.

Participating in Collaborative Leadership. . . .

  • Encourages individual ownership of the district
  • Increases involvement of all stakeholders in the implementation of solutions
  • Builds trust
  • Increases access to more and better information and ideas
  • Creates better opportunity for substantive results
  • Develops a generation of new leadership
  • Empowers community organizational change

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