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Wednesday, 5/22/2019
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CLPS Homeschool Partnership

Our Homeschool Partnership provides elective courses for children grades 1-12 both on site and in the community. Seated , on-line and community resource classes provide a broad range of learning opportunities to meet a variety of interests. Parent input helps guide monthly community explorations days to explore a variety of interests and experiences in and around the local area. Our LADD Center provides the opportunity to build relationships and friendships between children and parents, fostering family unity through parent involvement and collaboration. Provide your child with a nurturing, family atmosphere to explore their curiosity and love of learning! Read on to see the courses currently offered and contact information to learn more about this innovative learning opportunity.

Types of Courses

Virtual and distance learning classes are as varied as our students. These are on-line classes that provide support for our community partner classes. Community Partner classes are held both at the LADD Center and in our community. All community partner classes have a weekly on-line component. We also offer virtual learning opportunities that do not have a community partner; they are on-line only. Click HERE to learn more about our virtual classes and distance learning classes.


Dual Enrollment allows high school students to earn both high school and college credit for designated coursework. If you qualify, the school district pays for the tuition cost and fees. Students are responsible for book costs. Authorization and approval of courses is required. For more information, please see the contact information for Kim Chambers below.

Our classes are offered to all Center Line Public School students.